Account Opening and Investment Profile

(1) How can I register for the Wealth Management Services?You can follow our on-screen procedures after clicking on “GoWealth” at the bottom menu. To facilitate a smooth registration process, please ensure:
  • you are at least 18 years old; and
  • you have a valid Core Account with us; and
  • you have a written consent issued by your employer (if you are an employee of a registered institution or a licensed corporation under the Securities and Futures Ordinance).
You will go through the following steps to complete the registration:
  • Confirm information;
  • Provide further personal information for the Wealth Management Services;
  • Review Wealth Management Services Terms, Risk Disclosures, Important Notes, General Service Charges, etc, and submit your registration; and
  • Complete a Customer Risk Profiling Questionnaire before start investment.
Remarks: We do not accept US Person or a Canadian resident to register the Wealth Management Services. In case of a subsequent change in nationality or tax jurisdiction where you are identified as US Person or a Canadian resident or where fund transaction restrictions as stipulated in the relevant fund offering documents are applied, we may not be able to provide or continue to provide any Wealth Management Services to you.(2) During account opening process, is there any requirement on the document(s) to be uploaded?In general, we don’t require any document during account opening process, except for written consent issued by your employer (if you are an employee of a registered institution or licensed corporation as defined under the Securities and Futures Ordinance).You can upload the document(s) by taking photo, uploading a photo or a PDF document from your phone. The maximum size for any upload shall be 10Mb.Below are the examples and requirements of the items to be shown on the document:Written consent issued by your employer (if applicable)The following items should be shown clearly on the written consent issued by your employer:(i) Your name and your identification document number;(ii) Your employer name;(iii) Consent by the employer to open the Investment Account and any related conditions*;(iv) Date of issuance; and(v) Signature by the authorised person and company chop of your employer.*We cannot cater the requirement of sending duplicate contract note or statement of your Investment Account to your employer. Please communicate and arrange with your employer for the copies.(3) How will I know if my account opening was successful?When your account opening application is approved, we will notify you through app notification, SMS, and email.(4) I received the notification “If there is any outstanding document(s), please submit by tapping "GoWealth" at the bottom right corner on the WeLab Bank app.” What should I do?You have submitted your application for the Wealth Management Services but there may be some outstanding document(s) . Please log-in the Bank App and tap “GoWealth” and complete the investment account opening application by uploading the outstanding document(s).(5) What is a Customer Risk Profiling Questionnaire? How do I determine my Customer Risk Rating?Customer Risk Profiling Questionnaire (“CRPQ”) is intended to help you to understand your overall general investment profile. Through completing the CRPQ, you will be assigned a Customer Risk Rating (“CRR”), ranging from Level 1 to 5:en_wm_account_faq.PNGThe CRR is derived from your personal circumstances as indicated in your CRPQ, including but not limited to, your investment objective, your risk tolerance and appetite. Your CRR can serve as a reference for your consideration when making your investment decisions.The CRR and its relations to products do not constitute a recommendation or solicitation of such related investment products or services to you.It is important for you to provide us the latest, accurate and complete information in your CRPQ and update your CRPQ regularly or when there is any change in personal circumstances. Please note that if you don’t have a valid CRPQ, you cannot access our Wealth Management Services.(6) How can I update my Customer Risk Profiling Questionnaire?Once your account is open and ready, you can access “My Account” at the top right corner on the Bank App and go to “Wealth Centre” > “Review Customer Risk Profile” to update your Customer Risk Profiling Questionnaire.
Please note that there will be a limited number of attempt to re-conduct the CRPQ within a certain period, i.e. 3 times in 180 calendar days. It is important for you to check the accuracy of your answers before submitting the questionnaire.
(7) How can I access “Wealth Management Services” on the WeLab Bank app?After you have received our confirmation of completion the registration, you can log-in our App and click on the “GoWealth” icon at the bottom menu, and start enjoying the Wealth Management Services.(8) What does FATCA / CRS mean?You can refer to our “Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA”) Statement” and “Common Reporting Standards (“CRS”) Statement” for more details.

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