HK residents and Mainland Chinese visitors in HK to get started in as fast as 5 minutes online*

Open a WeLab Bank account online wherever and whenever you are. All through your phone, saving up your time from queuing at branches!

*Actual time may vary depending on factors such as your connectivity, mobile phone and documents required.

Safety first, together with innovative products & services

WeLab Bank is a member of the Deposit Protection Scheme. Eligible deposits taken by WeLab Bank are protected by the scheme up to a limit of HKD 500,000 per depositor. We go the extra mile to keep your money and data safe - Touch and Face ID, two-factor authentication and beyond bank-grade security are just some of the ways to protect your account, with more security measures happening in the background. We are here for you 24/7.

As the most innovative bank in Hong Kong, WeLab Bank partners with the world's top innovative brands including Tesla, Apple and Allianz Group, providing one-of-a-kind banking services to you.

Open an account online anytime, anywhere easily

No heading to a branch or queuing up, you can open a bank account anytime anywhere which is even faster than brewing a cup of coffee!

No minimums, no surprises

WeLab Bank's core accounts are completely free and don’t have any minimum balance requirements. All of our fees are open, transparent and clear.

Easy and simple handling of local transfers and cross-border inward remittances in HKD

Transfer money to any bank in Hong Kong easily via FPS at no cost. Cross-border inward remittances of HKD are also available!

Click here to know more about Guide to inward remittance from Mainland China

Groundbreaking time deposit interest rates that gives you ultra flexibility

GoSave is here for you 24 hours everyday! Groundbreaking time deposit interest rates with flexible tenors. Deposit as little as HKD 10 to start the time deposit.

*See GoSave 2.0 Time Deposit Terms and Conditions for details

WeLab Bank's investment platform, backed by fintech experience and AllianzGI’s investment management expertise

Managed by investment experts, “Digital Wealth Advisory” enables investors to diversify investment with ease.

Featured Funds covering top funds, enjoy no subscription fee in WeLab Bank, saving close to 90% transaction cost*!

Debit card instantly ready

Your WeLab Bank core account comes with an integrated virtual debit card that is stored securely in the App. You can bind it with your mobile wallet and make transactions online immediately, enjoying a faster and hassle-free payment experience.

Get started!

Download the WeLab Bank's App and experience banking built for our century!

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Investment involves risks.

Information is for reference only and does not constitute any offer, solicitation and advice. See Wealth Management Services Terms for details. The fund platform fee of a month is an aggregate amount of the daily fee within the month. Daily fee is calculated based on the daily market value of all your settled fund holdings in HKD (or HKD equivalent based on daily reference rate) under Featured Funds Services, excluding all money market fund holdings, multiplied by the fund platform fee monthly rate and divided by the number of calendar days of the month. For fund asset class information, please refer to the fund details page in WeLab Bank app. Assuming the subscription fee rate is 2%, customers who use our Featured Funds Services can save 88% of transaction costs in the above two examples compared with the traditional charging model charging with subscription fee. The examples above are for illustration purposes only. Before making any investment decisions, you should consider your own financial situation, investment objectives and experiences, risk acceptance and ability to understand the nature and risks of the relevant product(s).