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This webpage is for information only and does not constitute any investment advice. Investment involves risks, please refer to the Disclaimers herein for details. The screen displays and the images of the website are for illustrative purpose only.
Invest in your dreams in just 3 steps.

Set. Track. Goal. All in one app.


Set your investment goal


Track and manage your progress

anytime, anywhere1


Reach your goal with ease

and breeze1

Flexible mutual fund investment on your terms

Enjoy the ultimate flexibility in your investment, with no lock-up period and no redemption fee, so you can make adjustments anytime, anywhere.

Personalised recommendation

Invest with ease and receive instant and personalised fund portfolio recommended based on your financial needs. We help you to reach financial independence, so you can manage and grow your wealth easier than ever1.

Ground-breaking projections

The market is dynamic and so is our advanced algorithm, which can project market trends in the next 50 years2. Detailed simulations and analysis can help you adjust your goals according to any market changes.

Stay on track with smart alerts

Too busy to keep track of your goals? Our smart alerts will help you to stay on track, so you can glide through any market conditions and manage your portfolio at fingertips1.

Sustainable investment (ESG)

Our professional team is committed to integrating environmental, social, and governance factors into the process of product selection3 to create a better future together.

Virtual bank
Global asset manager
Enter the revolutionary era of WealthTech

With Allianz Group support as an investor and strategic partner to WeLab, we have teamed up with Allianz Global Investors4 to co-develop “GoWealth Investment Engine” - a powerful engine that provides pioneering investment advisory solutions that usher in a new era of WealthTech.

Invest at your fingertips

Check out how simple it is

Select your goal

Whether you have a specific goal in mind or not, we offer different goal planning to fit your financial needs. You can also choose to invest every month to take advantage of dollar cost averaging to reduce the effect of market timing on your investment.

Set a target

Help you build your own financial plan.

Invest into purpose-built investment portfolio

A purpose-built portfolio recommendation is customised for you based on your goal1.

“One-click” purchase

In just one click, invest into funds and FX in one go.

Track investment progress

Monitor your goal progress and adjust anytime. Our Smart Alerts will help you throughout the investment journey1.


You are on your way to achieving your goals!

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Embark on an auto-smart investment journey

Reach your financial goals on autopilot1.

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Investment involves risk. The price of an investment fund unit may go up as well as down and the investment funds may become valueless. Part of your investment may not be able to liquidate immediately under certain market situation. Please refer to our Wealth Management Services Terms (including relevant risk disclosures) and relevant fund offering documents for more details of our services as well as the nature and risks of the relevant products.

The investment decision is yours but you should not invest in these product(s) nor services unless the intermediary who sells them to you has explained to you that these products are suitable for you having regard to your financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives.

Before making any investment decisions, you should consider your own financial situation, investment objectives and experiences, risk acceptance and ability to understand the nature and risks of the relevant product(s).

If you have any inquiries on the nature and risks involved in this webpage, relevant product(s) and services, trading or investment funds, etc, you should seek advice from independent financial adviser.

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^From now until 30 September 2022, invest in mutual funds with a minimum subscription fee of 1.5% to enjoy WeLab Bank GoWealth Cash Rebate Subscription Offer. Subscription Rebate amount depends on your accumulated investment amount within the offer period and is capped at HKD22,500. If you make any redemption before the Subscription Rebate is credited, relevant redemption amount will be deducted from the accumulated investment amount and you will not receive any Subscription Rebate for the deducted amount. For details, please refer to the terms and conditions.

[1] You may set up your investment goal via our Wealth Management Services on the WeLab Bank app, including the relevant investment horizon and one-time investment and monthly investment amounts. Our algorithm will recommend you a model portfolio based on your investment goal as well as your relevant personal circumstances. If you accept the recommendation, we will follow your instruction to process your one-time investment, and invest the monthly investment amount set by you in the model portfolio each month automatically. We will provide you various types of alerts/notifications, including but not limited to alerts/notifications about the status of your investment goal. However, such alerts/notifications are not investment advice. You may view the status of your investment goal and edit your investment goal on the WeLab Bank app according to your needs. The services are not discretionary asset management services. Any recommendation provided under the services is not a guarantee that you will achieve your investment goal.

[2] The algorithm in the GoWealth Digital Wealth Advisory Services relies on the portfolio simulation database containing 12,000 simulation paths for the model portfolios projected over the next 50 years (i.e. 600 months), which reflects our capital market forecast on various asset classes and the model portfolios in terms of risk, return and correlations.

Such information and simulations are assumptions only. They do not reflect or project actual investment performance of the model portfolio or performance of any constituent funds therein. The recommendation is not a guarantee that you will achieve your goal.

[3] Professional team will perform product diligence on each constituent fund of the model portfolios, in which ESG factors will form part of the consideration factors.

[4] Allianz Global Investors is a leading active asset manager. For details about the WeLab-Allianz strategic partnership, please refer to the press release.

[5] Click HERE to read terms and conditions.