First in HK: Tesla Mega Combo – Enjoy up to HKD 13,100 rewards!

Good news for Tesla fans 🚘! From now until 31 October 2023, open your WeLab Bank account with referral code “TESLA5” and finish our designated missions to enjoy exclusive offers with total rewards up to HKD 13,1001!

Offers include 💰 unsecured loan with as low as 3.50% APR2, 1.5% interest rate3 for your savings#, 💳 20% cash rebate4 for Tesla Supercharging 🤑.

With WeLab Bank understanding your needs, you can get your favourite car models while growing your wealth at the same time!

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<<Limited quota! Open your account with “TESLA5” now!>>

Finish the missions below to enjoy up to HKD 13,100 exclusive cash rewards1!


Unsecured loan with as low as 3.50% APR

Apply for WeLab Bank Personal Loan, choose a tenor longer than 24 months, enter the loan referral code "TESLA5" and provide your proof of purchase of Tesla car to enjoy as low as 3.50% APR2! Loan amount up to HKD 1,500,000 or up to 18x monthly salary (whichever is lower)!

  • No collateral or loan prepayment required
  • No Vehicle Registration Document required
  • No handling fee
  • Complete your application as fast as in 3 steps and get your loan in 1 day at the earliest
  • From applying to drawing down the loan, get it done on WeLab Bank app effortlessly

Tip: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

20% cash rebate for spending on Tesla Supercharging / online merchandise with your card

Enjoy 20% cash rebate4 for using WeLab Debit Card on the below spending - offer valid in the next 5 calendar months from the day you successfully draw down the loan / opened an account using referral code “TESLA5”!

  • Tesla Supercharging
  • Tesla online shop
  • Premium Connectivity subscription

Waiting for your car to arrive? Enjoy the cash rebate offer first by getting yourself some Tesla merchandise on Tesla online shop, and enjoy rewards up to HKD 6004!

Groundbreaking rate: 1.5% p.a. for your savings in core account

You can enjoy 1.5% interest rate3 for daily cap up to HKD 300,000 cash in your Core Account, for up to a year since the day you successfully draw down the loan using referral code “TESLA5”!

  • Extra-long promotion period, where you can enjoy the offer for up to 365 days, and earn extra interest up to HKD 4,5003
  • 1500 times the market rate5 for the savings in Core Account, assuming the other banks are offering 0.001% interest rate without any promotions
  • Deposit money into your WeLab Bank account 24/7 with FPS
Refer friends to earn HKD 800 per successful referral*

If your friend is a Tesla owner/ owner-to-be, remember to invite him/ her to apply for Tesla Unsecured Loan with as low as 3.50% APR2 , and earn HKD 800 per successful referral6!

Already a WeLab Bank customer? You can still enjoy Tesla unsecured loan

Existing WeLab Bank customers can enjoy the triple rewards below by applying an drawing down our personal loan with referral code “TESLA5”:

  • As low as 3.50% APR2
  • 1.5% p.a. for your savings3
  • 20% cash rebate4 for spending on Tesla Supercharging / online merchandise with your card
Open an account/ Apply for the loan with referral code “TESLA5” now!

Download our app and open an account/ apply for the loan with referral code “TESLA5” to enjoy up to HKD 13,100 rewards1!

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