WeLab Bank - The Most Innovative Bank* in Hong Kong

Great news! We have recently been ranked number 1 in the inaugural ‘Hong Kong Corporate Innovation Index’ 2022! Thanks everyone for the continuous support!

*The claim is based on the result of the inaugural ‘Hong Kong Corporate Innovation Index’ 2022 held by the Asia-Pacific Institute of Business (APIB) of CUHK Business School.

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Open an account to enjoy 1.5% savings rate

WeLab Bank Special Savings Interest Rate Program: Upon successful account opening, new customers can enjoy 1.5% p.a. savings rate* for the first HKD 1,000,000 in Core Account from now until 31 March 2023! There’s no need to enter any promo code – simply open WeLab Bank account to enjoy this amazing offer, act now! ​

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Subscribe+ for Apple Products

One Plan. All the possibilities.

  • Get iPhone 14 Pro (128GB) at HKD 258 up/month*
  • With guaranteed trade-in value*
  • Flexible options of trade-in or keep your device at end of term *

This program is a credit product. To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay! ​
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Reach your financial goals on autopilot

GoWealth digital wealth advisory platform turns your financial dreams into reality.

Note: Investment involves risks.

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First in HK: Tesla Mega Combo

⏱Limited quota: From now until 31 March 2023, open account with "TESLA5" and finish our designated missions to enjoy up to HKD 13,400 rewards*, including:

(1) Experience the power of GoWealth and earn HKD 300 Seed Money*
(2) Tesla-exclusive: Unsecured loan with annual flat rate at 2.01%*
(3) Groundbreaking rate: 1.5% p.a. for your savings in core account*
(4) 20% cash rebate* for spending on Tesla Supercharging / online merchandise with your car
(5) Refer friends to earn up to HKD 8,000

*Click HERE to read terms and conditions. *Click HERE to read remark (2) to understand the APR of Tesla Mega Combo Offer.

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Debt consolidation loan up to HKD13,888 cash rebate*

  • Save up to 97% interest expense*
  • Instant follow up by dedicated expert*

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

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We’ve been quoted in:

GoWealth digital wealth advisory

Discover your goals.Invest into purpose-built porfolios.Track and manage your progress.All within one app

This webpage is for information only and does not constitute any investment advice. Investment involves risks, please refer to the Disclaimers herein for details. The screen displays and the images of the website are for illustrative purpose only.

GoSave 2.0 Time Deposit

Understanding your needs, WeLab Bank has upgraded our GoSave to the latest 2.0 version to take care of our customer’s feedback. Check out how the GoSave 2.0 Time Deposit is more rewarding, more flexible and more surprising!

*Terms and conditions apply

coin_10 copy.pngcoin_10 copy.png

Amazing rates for all

Deposit at least HKD 10 to enjoy the same great rate as everyone!


Place your GoSave 2.0 Time Deposit any time

Choose a suitable "Savings" route for you any time and it will start immediately! Enjoy reaching your saving goal on time!

Suprise GoSave icon_main page.pngSuprise GoSave icon_main page.png

“GoSave Festival”

Add money to your WeLab Bank account now to ensure you have sufficient funds to catch the “GoSave Festival” exclusive surprise when you see it . The offer is available on a first-come, first-served basis, so act now!

Take back control of your spending

Say goodbye to credit card surprises! Take back control and only spend on what you want with your Debit Card. Save the rest and watch it grow!

Available instantly

A virtual Debit Card available instantly with your new bank account, also compatible with Apple Pay. Ready for use at your favourite online merchants – even before your physical card arrives.

A card to rule them all

One card for all your shopping, dining and cash needs. Spend it, withdraw it, beep it. It’s easy.

An intelligent account

Get real-time notifications for every transaction and more.

Good lookin’ technology

The numberless card design looks good and literally shines! Access your card details securely, all within the app.