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Open an account using Referral Code "WELAB8” to earn HKD 200*!

What’s more? Join the 18 Districts Campaign to collect characters and complete missions. New customers can earn extra HKD 100^ welcome offer. All customers can knock an opportunity to win HKD 18,000^!

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*Offer terms and conditions apply

^Campaign terms and conditions apply

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🎉 5% cash rebate for “Big 3” daily spending!

Use your WeLab Debit Card every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and get 5% cash rebate whenever you spend on F&B, ride-hailing or at grocery spots*! *Terms and conditions apply.

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GoSave - Hong Kong's first socially-driven time deposit

No matter how much you deposit, you can enjoy our interest rate of 0.95% p.a.* and zero withdrawal fees! Earning interest is that easy!

*Based on 3 month HKD time deposit rate on 20 February 2021. Deposit rates may vary based on market conditions.

*Terms and conditions apply

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Keep your money safe

Just like all banks, WeLab Bank is regulated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. We are a member of the Deposit Protection Scheme. Eligible deposits taken by WeLab Bank are protected by the scheme up to a limit of HKD 500,000 per depositor.

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Hong Kong’s homegrown virtual bank

We are proud to be made-in-Hong Kong, designed for the needs of the everyday person. We leverage the power of fintech and the power of people to help your money grow. Together, we are smarter and stronger. That’s the Power of We.

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Hong Kong's first socially-driven time deposit

Hong Kong's first savings product that harnesses the power of the community. The more people who save, the higher the deposit rate we all get. Withdraw your funds before maturity with no extra fees*. Start small, start big - let’s GoSave together!

*Terms and conditions apply


Amazing rates for all

A savings product that gets you great rates and rewards you for saving, no matter how much you save. Save small, save big - always get the same awesome rates. Get started with as little as HKD 10!


Savings, powered by the community

Hong Kong's first savings product that harnesses the power of the community.The more people who save, the higher everyone’s rate goes and everyone in the bus will get the same rate together. All aboard this unique savings experience!


Need your money in a hurry? We've got your back

Want to save money actively, but worried about it being tied up? GoSave lets you withdraw your money early with no extra fees*, while offering great rates. Get started today and watch your money grow automagically.

*Terms and conditions apply

Take back control of your spending

Say goodbye to credit card surprises! Take back control and only spend on what you want with your Debit Card. Save the rest and watch it grow!

Available instantly

A virtual Debit Card available instantly with your new bank account.

A card to rule them all

One card for all your shopping, dining and cash needs. Spend it, withdraw it, beep it. It’s easy.

An intelligent account

Get real-time notifications for every transaction and more.

Good lookin’ technology

The numberless card design looks good and literally shines! Access your card details securely, all within the app.