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(1) How is the "Current Wealth (HKD)" shown on the “GoWealth” homepage calculated?"Current Wealth (HKD)" is calculated based on the latest available NAV of your existing fund holdings under both Featured Funds services and GoWealth Digital Wealth Advisory services and the latest FX rates.Note: The FX rates may fluctuate and may be different from the rate at the time of order execution.(2) Will I still see the goal(s) on the “Digital Wealth Advisory” page after I have completed or fully redeemed my goal(s)?<For GoWealth Digital Wealth Advisory Services only>We will refresh the “Digital Wealth Advisory” page and provide you the latest information of your holdings.Therefore, your fully redeemed goal(s) will not be shown on the “Digital Wealth Advisory” page after redemption settlement.(3) What does "Total Balance (HKD)" mean in the WeLab Bank app homepage?Total Balance (HKD) is your asset with us, that includes:
• Your available balance in your Core Account;
• Any GoSave that has started but not matured;
• Your Investment Account balances; and
• Your Foreign Currency Account balances in HKD based on the latest FX rates.
Please note that total balance does not include the accrued interest of your Core Account.
(4) How is the Unrealized Gain/Loss in percentage calculated?The unrealized gain/loss in percentage is calculated on daily basis according to the following formula:Current Wealth (i.e. the existing and settled fund holdings) – total amount investedtotal amount invested(5) There is a failed order. What is the reason?A failed order can be due to several reasons, which can be due to:
  • Insufficient available balance of the selected payment currency in your account
  • Failure in suitability assessment based on your latest personal circumstances
    To avoid a failed order, you shall ensure there is sufficient balance of your selected payment currency in your account. You shall also check the notifications we send you from time to time for latest updates.
Remarks: Please refer to HERE for follow-up action regarding the error code(s) received from monthly investment notification.

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