What is WeLab Bank Subscribe+ for Apple Products?

WeLab Bank Subscribe+ for Apple Products is an innovative credit product for customers to purchase eligible Apple products at fixed-term instalment payment under a dedicated credit line. With the Subscribe+ Program, customer can purchase multiple Apple products at physical stores or online shops of designated resellers. What differentiates this program from other instalment products in the market is that, if you purchase an Apple product with assigned maximum trade-in value, monthly instalment amount will be calculated after deduction of the maximum trade-in value of such product. Final instalment amount includes monthly instalment amount and the estimated maximum trade-in value of the product. Upon maturity of the fixed payment term, you can either keep or trade in the device where upon assessment, device's actual trade-in value will be used to offset, in part or in full, the maximum trade-in value included in the final repayment of your Instalment Loan.Please note that maximum trade-in value is not a guarantee to the actual trade-in value of your device, which will vary depending on actual condition of the device and the valuation of the trade-in service provider.

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