What happens if I’ve lost my physical Debit Card that’s also connected to Apple Pay?

Don't panic, we've got your back! If you can't find your physical Debit Card, you can tap “Debit Card” > "Lost card" to get a new replacement.Once we've received your lost card request, we will disable your existing card credentials to prevent any fraud attempts. For security, we will also issue a new virtual card with a new card number and CVV, which you can use immediately, while a new physical card with your new card details will be sent to your mailing address.If you’ve connected your old card to Apple Pay, remember to update your card details by(i) removing your old card from your Wallet and(ii) adding your new card, either through the WeLab Bank app or directly in Apple Wallet.Subject to WeLab Bank’s Account Terms, your maximum liability for WeLab Debit Card loss should not exceed HKD 500 if you have not acted fraudulently, with gross negligence or have not otherwise failed to inform WeLab Bank as soon as reasonably practical after discovering the card has been lost or stolen.

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