What versions of Android and iOS operating system are supported?

From now till 31 January 2024, WeLab Bank App supports all versions of Android above 6.0 and iOS above 13.0, available on Google Play and App Store.【Important Update】Effective from 1 February 2024, the WeLab Bank mobile app will stop supporting Android OS versions 9.0 or older. If you are currently using an Android device running OS versions 9.0 or older, please note that you will no longer be able to receive our app updates or access new features, starting from 1 February 2024. To continue enjoying uninterrupted access to WeLab Bank banking services, please be reminded to update your device's OS to a supported version.For customers using Android devices with supported versions or other operating systems (such as iOS), there will be no impact on your app experience. You will continue to receive updates, access new features, and enjoy seamless banking services on your mobile device.

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