What supporting documents are required for the person accompanying and assisting a person with intellectual disabilities (PWIDs) to open a bank account?

Accompanying persons shall present the following items for verifying their identity and evidencing their relationship with the PWIDs:(a) an identity document, such as an identity card;
(b) a birth certificate (in the case of a family member);
(c) a guardianship order issued by the Guardianship Board (in the case of a guardian);
(d) a registration card for social workers issued by the Social Workers Registration Board (in the case of a Social Worker);
(e) a letter issued by the relevant social welfare institution (in the case of an employee of the relevant social welfare institution), among others, which is required to set out:
i. the name and identity card number of the PWID intending to apply for banking services;
ii. the name and identity card number of the employee of the social welfare institution; and
iii. the stated purpose of accompanying the PWID which is to assist such PWID in handling the relevant matters in respect of opening a bank account; and/or
(f) other relevant identification documents.

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