Foreign exchange (“FX”) services

(1) What are the FX services that Bank offers me?Currently, our FX services are offered to facilitate you to buy and sell funds in foreign currencies.(2) What is the interest rate for my Foreign Currency Account deposits?Currently, no interest rate will be offered to the Foreign Currency Account.(3) Does my newly opened account support multiple currencies?Our FX services currently support USD only. Please stay tuned while we’re working on introducing more currencies to our services.(4) What are the risks associated with FX services?Below are the material risks involved in FX services:
  • Foreign Exchange Risk: Foreign exchange markets are subject to unpredictable fluctuations and may be affected by complex political and economic risks. Therefore, if you (i) convert Hong Kong dollars to any other Specified Currencies and (ii) convert any other Specified Currencies to Hong Kong dollars in any FX Transactions, such FX Transactions will be subject to risk arising from exchange rates fluctuation. As a result, you may suffer losses.
  • Counterparty Risk: We enter into FX Transactions under the FX Terms on a principal-to-principal basis and you are therefore subject to the risk that we fail to perform our obligations under the FX Terms.
    For details, you can refer to the Wealth Management Service Terms and Risk Disclosures.
(5) How do I withdraw FX?Currently, withdrawal in foreign currencies is not supported.(6) What is the currency trading hour?You may submit foreign currency exchange order anytime via the WeLab Bank app (i.e. apart from any maintenance period specified by us).Foreign currency trading hours is from 9am to 5pm HKT, from Monday to Friday (excluding non-Business Day and non-Settlement Business Day). For instruction placed beyond the trading hours or on a non-Business Day or non-Settlement Business Day, we will settle your exchange order on the next Business Day (i.e. you will find the credit to available balance of the foreign currency on the next Business Day).For non-Settlement Business Day, please refer to the list below:(For reference only, actual non-Settlement Business Day may be subject to ad-hoc event(s))FX calendar table 2024_EN

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