What are the options available for me to handle my Apple device purchased at end of the loan term?

Prior to the final repayment of your Instalment Loan, you have the option to either:
  1. Keep your Product and pay off the full repayment amount of the final instalment; or
  2. Return your Product to the same Reseller from which you have purchased your Product at the Bank’s specified period before the maturity of the relevant Instalment Loan, after which the Product will be shipped to the local office of the Trade-In Partner for assessment of its actual trade-in value for offsetting, in part or in full, the maximum trade-in value included in the final repayment of your Instalment Loan.
You will be notified of the assessment result once the assessment is completed. If you accept the assessment of the Trade-in Partner, the assessed actual trade-in value of your Product will be paid by the Trade-In Partner to us to offset the final repayment and we will deduct the remaining amount of the final repayment from your Core Account on the final repayment date.If you reject the assessment by the Trade-in Partner, or if the Trade-in Partner does not accept the trade-in request ofyour Product, your Product will be returned to you and you will then be notified to collect your Product back. In such case, you should repay the repayment amount of the final instalment in full and you can keep your Product.You acknowledge that the whole process may take several days to complete.If you choose this option, you will be required to sign and agree to a separate agreement with us containing the details of the trade-in option before returning your Product to the Reseller. If you refuse to agree with this agreement, you cannot exercise this option.

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