How do I add money to my account?

There are three easy ways to add money to your account:1) FPS - All you need is a mobile number/email address or FPS ID. To make things even easier, by default, we register your new account to receive via FPS at your mobile number.2) Linked accounts - you can link your external bank account to your account here and add money without line up in a bank or touching a paper form. Transfers are done 24/7 instantly via the same technology as FPS. Bye bye delays!3) Bank transfer - you can send money to your WeLab Bank account via local bank transfer. Click on "My Account" to see your account number. You are recommended to check the transfer platform used by other banks from time to time prior to such transfer as they may have handling fees, and/or other charges. Also, there may be other factors which cause the transfer to be unsuccessful.If you have any questions or need assistance, check out the FAQ on our website or contact us at 📧[email protected]!

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