3 Minute Read (November 2022 Edition) |Up your investment game with GoWealth

The world's greatest football tournament🏆 is around the corner! Like no other precedents, it’s the first time the tournament being held mid-season. With teams catching up by having a match every 3 or 4 days, and having limited time to rest between matches, many teams had to push themselves to the limits and even play with injuries.To win smart in a match, it takes more than just techniques - a versatile strategy is indispensable. Facing unprecedented challenges, the world of investment also needs a versatile strategy to adapt to the ever-changing market.Looking for a strategist to help you in investment? GoWealth digital wealth advisor has your back. Read on to learn the 3 strategies GoWealth has in store for you:Strategy 1: Intelligent engine for flexible investmentTogether with Allianz Global Investors, we have co-devloped a sophisticated system that powers GoWealth’s investment engine1, to help to provide detailed market analysis. With our smart alerts2 that keep you in the know of the latest market fluctuations, you can also adjust your investment goals and strive towards your goals anytime📈- all in WeLab Bank app.Strategy 2: Invest with the ultimate peace of mind with our strong investment capabilityBacked by top global fund houses - BlackRock, Invesco, Janus Henderson and PIMCO and more, GoWealth makes sure your portfolio is in the right hands. The fund managers are all from top global asset management firms with global investment expertise, risk management capability, and know-how in sustainable investing (ESG) to help you capture market opportunities.Strategy 3: Reduce your risk with GoWealth’s diversified portfolioThrough technology, GoWealth leverages on a solution, which was mostly used by institutional investors, to provide a list of portfolios with optimized asset allocation aiming at diversifying the customers’ investment more efficiently, reducing the impact to investment portfolio due to market volatility3.Disclaimer:1The algorithm in the GoWealth Digital Wealth Advisory Services relies on the portfolio simulation database containing 12,000 simulation paths for the model portfolios projected over the next 50 years (i.e. 600 months), which reflects our capital market forecast on various asset classes and the model portfolios in terms of risk, return and correlations. Such information and simulations are assumptions only. They do not reflect or project actual investment performance of the model portfolio or performance of any constituent funds therein. The recommendation is not a guarantee that you will achieve your goal.
2We will provide you various types of alerts/notifications, including but not limited to alerts/notifications about the status of your investment goal. However, such alerts/notifications are not investment advice.
3Diversification does not guarantee a profit or eliminate the risks involved in the investments.
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