A.I. bubble? Expert analyzes the future investment opportunities of A.I. technology

In July, we held an investment seminar and invited J.P. Morgan Asset Management, one of the top global investment institutions, to share insights on A.I. technology. Click to watch a 4 mins guide.J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s 4 important points:
  1. One of the factors that influences long-term economic growth potential is technology, as it expands the potential for economic growth. During an economic recession, the technology stocks under J.P. Morgan Asset Management experienced a decline of about 2% in earnings in 2023, but we expect a growth of 14% in 2024.
  2. This A.I. boom is somewhat different from previous bubbles. This A.I. boom is happening during a period of interest rate hikes, whereas many previous bubbles occurred during rate cuts and low-interest rate environments.
  3. Compared to the dot-com era in 2000, today's A.I. technology has been applied in many different aspects of life practically, which has created an ecological chain for investment. Instead of just investing in one company that has appreciated, why not invest in a series of companies that benefit from A.I.
  4. The benefit of buying U.S. stocks through fund companies, is that they have professional teams which are capable to help customers discover various small and medium-sized or new star technology companies which have high potential, instead of the top 10 companies only.
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