3 Min Read (February 2023 Edition) | How reliable is the “January Effect”?

The "January Effect" has been a well-known hypothesis in the investment world. The idea behind is straight forward, statistically speaking, the full year stock market performance is more likely to end on a rise when we see a positive return in January, and vice versa. Some says this is because traditionally, January is the time when fund manager reset their investment strategy for the year, hence to a certain extent, the money flow of January does have its reference value.As for 2023, January has gone by in a blink, and we’ve seen a strong performance from both the global stock market and the Hong Kong stock market, which have risen 7% and 9% respectively.Having said that, the January effect is only one of the many reference data. Investors should always have a forward-looking view to the market. Back by top fund houses, GoWealth Digital Wealth Advisory can offer you a holistic market analysis. We have summarized 3 main factors these top fund houses are looking at for you below:
  • Inflation Expectations
PIMCO: Even with the range of scenarios, uncertainty over the outlook for the Fed should be much lower in 2023. This led us to focus on the concentric circles investment framework. If the Fed and other central banks can convince investors that the center will hold, then assets at the center should perform well. And – sequentially – this should feed into improved returns at the higher risk asset. But in the event there is a loss of confidence on inflation, and central banks are forced to raise rates more than expected, this will have negative consequences for the higher risk assets.
  • Signal for Recession
Blackrock: Central banks are deliberately causing recession by overtightening policy to tame inflation, in our view. That makes recession foretold. What matters: our view on the pricing of economic damage and our assessment of market risk sentiment. Investment implication: We stay underweight DM equities but expect to turn more positive at some point in 2023.
  • Covid Development in China
Invesco: China's equity market delivered positive return this month with the long-anticipated announcement of China’s full reopening of borders. We expect a surge in people mobility after the long-awaited reopening, where there will be a pent-up demand for travel and domestic demand. In Hong Kong, with close proximity and intimate economic relationships with China, it is expected to be one of the largest beneficiaries of China’s reopening, where we expect more trades across border and influx of visitors from mainland China to Hong Kong.How can GoWealth help you?Want to invest intelligently? Make sure you don’t only monitor January’s market performance. Backed by WeLab Bank’s fintech experience and AllianzGI’s investment management expertise, “GoWealth Digital Wealth Advisory Services”, provides projection of the market trends in the next 50 years1, to help you make well-informed and strategized investment decisions.Click Here for Full Article
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