WeLab Bank and KMB Announce Cross-industry Partnership to Launch HK’s Largest Promotional Campaign for Bus Services

15 Sep 2021

15 September 2021, Hong KongWeLab Bank, a virtual bank licensed by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, and The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd (“KMB”), a bus service provider that has served Hong Kong for over a century, announced a cross-industry partnership extending these offers: (1) HK$2 off all bus fares until the end of the year, for all customers using the WeLab Debit Card to pay the bus fares on e-payment system-enabled KMB buses, (2) free KMB rides for everyone on three consecutive Sundays on three major routes, and (3) in-bus mobile game with a lucky draw to win a PlayStation®5. The two brands aim to connect daily lives with technology by providing more convenient and people-centric service experiences, catering to the needs of the digital-savvy generation.English_kmb_key visual.jpgWeLab Bank and KMB join force to launch the largest promotional campaign for bus services in Hong Kong.Being Hong Kong homegrown brands, WeLab Bank and KMB share the belief that digital is the way to go. To encourage customers to taste the brand-new experience brought by the two homegrown brands, WeLab Bank and KMB join hands to introduce the largest bus promotional campaign with triple offers, which are $2 bus fare off, free KMB rides on WeLab Bank and in-bus mobile game with prizes.From 15 September to 31 December, customers using the WeLab Debit Card to pay the bus fares on e-payment system-enabled KMB buses will be entitled to $2 off1. Based on an average fare of $6.7 per KMB ride, this offer is equivalent to about 30% discount, and will be applicable when using either the physical WeLab card or Apple Pay on the mobile phone. KMB has already installed e-payment system in over 1,000 buses, with plans to equip its full fleet with electronic payment methods this year. For the list of the e-payment system-enabled routes, please refer here.For the three consecutive Sundays starting from 19 September, WeLab Bank will host “Free KMB rides on WeLab Bank” for everyone to enjoy unlimited free KMB rides on dedicated bus routes! Details are as follows:ENGLISH_press_kmb.pngTo enrich your bus journey, WeLab Bank will launch an in-bus mobile game for all passengers to enjoy and play, with the chance to earn up to $2,000 account opening rewards and in a lucky draw for a PlayStation®52. WeLab Bank existing customers can even earn an additional $2 rebate per ride upon completing the game, amounting to $4 rebate per trip in total. Play more, earn more!WeLab Bank and KMB are both committed to re-imagining traditional services with innovative ideas – together with technology to create people-oriented designs to deliver a more fitting customer experience.WeLab Bank Chief Executive Tat Lee said the Bank has always been dedicated to bringing new banking experience to people’s everyday lives with technology. He believes the cooperation with KMB can help the Bank establish more touchpoints with passengers and provide them with personalized intelligent banking experiences. “The future of banking is here now, leading with a digital-first approach, embracing the connectivity of a smart city from the daily spending habits and preferences of customers from their everyday actions and transactions. Being able to connect with the passengers who make up the 2.7 million daily KMB bus rides, will enable us to be more embedded into the lives of Hong Kong people through their daily travelling needs. This is an important move for us to expand our ecosystem, and prepare us to deliver comprehensive and personalized intelligent banking experience in the future.”Including the history of the formally “Kowloon Motor Bus Company”, KMB has been serving the public of Hong Kong for a century in 2021, revealed by Joseph Leung, the Financial Controller of KMB. KMB has always been looking to introduce new elements and brand-new technology into the traditional bus industry to provide passengers with a better travelling experience. Leung appreciates WeLab Bank’s dedication to Fintech and innovative wealth products and the revolution brought into the bank services since its establishment in 2020. By joining hands with WeLab Bank, Leung is confident in creating a more delicate travelling experience for passengers. “KMB is delighted to cooperate with an innovation and technology company to bring new technology and ideas into the bus services. KMB always dares to innovate and takes up a leading role in the industry. Over the years, we have been improving the bus compartment design and facilities, including the eco-friendly engines, the Estimated Time of Arrival System, the Safety Systems and the free App1933. In recent years, we have demonstrated our determination to develop new energy buses, 5G buses, and an e-payment system to add more value to bus journeys and enhance Hong Kong people’s living experience.Customers who have not yet experienced WeLab Bank’s service may want to seize the opportunity of the Free-ride Days and challenge the in-bus mobile game for the account opening rewards. In just 5 minutes3, customers can complete the account opening procedures and immediately enjoy a suite of WeLab Bank’s banking services, including GoSave time deposit, GoFlexi personal loan, Apple Pay, FPS and so forth. Customers will be immediately on the path to completing 10 eligible transactions in a month (including KMB bus rides), to enjoy the 3% cash rebate4 for food and beverage spending, once eligible. The offer covers all weekdays and weekends, applicable for dine-in, takeaways and food deliveries in all restaurants.The promotional offers brought by WeLab Bank and KMB are subject to terms and conditions. For details, please refer here.
  • 1 The offer will be provided in form of rebate. The monthly rebate cap is HK$120.
  • 2 In-bus game, lucky draw and prizes are subject to terms and conditions. For details, please refer here.
  • 3 Actual time may vary depending on factors such as your environment, connectivity and mobile phone.
  • 4 From 1st August to 31st October 2021, each customer can get 3% cash rebate on all food and beverage spending upon completion of 10 eligible transactions in a month. The monthly total cash rebate is capped at HK$ 500. Terms and conditions apply. For details, please refer here.
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