Customer Declarations

  1. I understand that Welab Bank Limited (the “Bank”, “you”) does not appoint any third parties to refer loan applications to it and I hereby confirm that this application was not referred by a third party under any beneficial arrangements.
  2. I declare that I am currently employed and have not been delinquent in repaying any credit facilities with any financial institution, and I am not bankrupt; I have no intention to declare bankruptcy and I am not aware of any bankruptcy proceedings made against me at the time of application.
  3. I authorise you to obtain any information about me from any necessary parties at any time for the purposes set out in the Privacy Notice .
  4. I declare that the loan applied must not be for the purposes of financing or refinancing Mortgage Loan(s), property financing or business cash flow purpose.
  5. I understand you will consider the credit report from TransUnion Limited. I authorize you to check my credit status with my information where you deem necessary. I understand that if I wish to access my credit report, I may contact TransUnion Limited on my own by phone.
  6. I understand that you may require further information or supporting documents from me to process this application, and failure to provide any required information or documents may result in my application being rejected.
  7. I consent to and authorize each of the Bank and Welend Limited to disclose my credit-related information maintained by it (if any) to the other for the purposes of credit assessment and ascertaining the total credit exposure of you and your associated companies to me.