How to make payments by FPS QR Code?

We strive to make your banking journey simple and convenient. Now enjoy paying your friends and family or settling bill/merchant payments at ease by simply scanning the FPS QR Code. One scan and off you go!

One scan to pay your bills

Forget the old days when you need to input long strings of account and bill numbers to get through, and when payment is bound by operating hours 😍

If your merchant supports payment by FPS QR Code, simply scan the code once in the WeLab Bank app, and bill details are prefilled* neatly for you. Review and click – Your bills are settled right away#! 💸

* Prefilled bill details is subject to merchant configuration

# Actual settlement time is subject to recipient bank’s handling

Settling all you bill and merchant payment needs

You can locate the merchant FPS QR Code on your physical or electronic bill notice, merchant mobile app or at checkout stage if you are making an online purchase.

Settle the following bills or merchant payments by FPS QR Code today^:

📃 Tax, Rates & Government rents

🚿 Water bills

💡 Electricity

🍳 Town gas/ LPG

🏠 Property management

📱 Telecommunications/Pay TV

☂️ Insurance

🛍️ Online shopping

🏫 Education

🏥 Healthcare

^ Subject to individual merchants accepting payment by FPS QR Code

Easy and breezy

You can also pay your friends easily by scanning their FPS QR Code instead of manually inputting FPS proxy ID and payment amount&, or generate your own one and share to your payers for receiving money. How about collecting lunch money from a big group?

&Subject to FPS QR Code configuration

How to pay bill or transfer by FPS QR Code?
Step 1

Choose payment method

Select "Transfer" from the navigation bar in the WeLab Bank app and click “FPS QR Code”.

Step 2

Scan FPS QR Code

Scan the individual or merchant FPS QR code or import a screenshot from your phone gallery.

Step 3

Review payment details

Verify the recipient/merchant information. Review or edit the payment amount if applicable. Once everything is correct, “Slide to pay” and your payment is submitted right away.

Step 4

Pass through authentication

You will be asked to pass through additional identity authentication for payment to a merchant FPS QR Code.

Step 5

Send money successfully

You will receive a SMS or email notification for successful FPS transactions!

How to receive money with FPS QR Code?
Step 1

Choose transfer method

Select “Transfer” from homepage and click “FPS QR Code”

Step 2

Generate your FPS QR Code

Select “My QR Code” and your own FPS QR Code is right here. You can select which FPS proxy ID you want to associate with the FPS QR Code if you have registered for more than one.

In case you have not registered FPS with us, you may easily register first with “Register now”, and then you can create your FPS QR code.

Step 3

Share your FPS QR Code

Share your FPS QR Code to your payer and they may scan it with their bank’s FPS QR Code scanner on mobile

Get started!

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