What transactions are eligible for rewards?

In a nutshell, transactions are eligible if they’re not the following:(a) payment of banking fees and charges (including but not limited to annual fee, overdrawn fee, card replacement fee, ATM cash withdrawal fee, if applicable);(b) quasi-cash transactions including:(i) betting and gambling transactions;(ii) instalment payments;(iii) balance transfers;(iv) cash, token, vouchers payment and/or foreign exchange transactions at non-financial institutions (including cash coupon purchases, purchase of foreign currency, money orders and travelers’ cheques);(v) any transactions at other financial institutions (including purchase of merchandise and services from banks);(c) bank transfers (by way of Faster Payment System, SWIFT, eDDA, etc.);(d) bill payments (including but not limited to water bills, electricity bills, insurance premiums, payments to other banks and credit cards, etc.);(e) tax payments to the Inland Revenue Department;(f) purchase and/or reload of stored value cards or e-wallets;(g) unposted, canceled and/or refunded transactions, in whole or in part.We may add to, or remove from, the list of ineligible transactions from time to time at our sole discretion.Check out our terms and conditions for the complete details.

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