Exclusive Limited-time Offer: Tesla-dedicated Loan with 0% APR

🚘 From now until 31 March 2024, Selected Tesla customers must fulfill designated requirements set by Tesla, then simply need to apply for WeLab Bank Personal Loan using referral code “TWFREE”, to enjoy fixed APR at 0% upon confirmation!

What’s more, you can enjoy bonus exclusive offers, so you can be rewarded while you are on the road or on the path of financial management!

1️⃣ 1.5% interest rate1 💰 for your savings at Core Account

2️⃣ HKD 300 GoWealth Seed Money2: Simply invest HKD 1,000 or more with GoWealth during the promotion period to claim the offer!

3️⃣ HKD 3,000 cash rebate upon loan disbursement: with a maximum tenor of 36 months and a minimum loan amount of HKD 80,000

<<Limited quota – apply for the loan with “TWFREE” now!>>

Click HERE to read Personal Loan Key Fact Statements. The offer is only eligible to Selected Tesla customers who fulfill designated requirements set by Tesla, please click HERE to learn more about relevant information regarding selected Tesla customers.

Without having to submit any income proof^, unsecured loan with fixed APR at 0%*

In just 4 simple steps done via WeLab Bank app, you can enjoy fixed APR at 0%*!

1. Apply for WeLab Bank Personal Loan and the loan amount of not more than the purchase price of your Tesla vehicle (according to your proof of purchase of Tesla model uploaded)
2. Enter Personal Loan referral code “TWFREE”
3. Upload your proof of purchase of Tesla model on "Document Upload" page

  • If the date of proof of purchase is between 15 August 2023 – 31 December 2023, then applicable promotion period is 1 January 2024 – 31 March 2024

4. You will get a SMS or a dedicated expert will inform you of the result upon confirmation

No collateral or loan prepayment required, no Vehicle Registration Document required, no handling fee!
Tip: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

Groundbreaking rate: 1.5% p.a. for your savings in core account

You can enjoy 1.5% interest rate1 for daily cap up to HKD 300,000 cash in your Core Account, for up to a year since the day you successfully draw down the loan using referral code “TWFREE”!

  • Extra-long promotion period, where you can enjoy the offer for up to 365 days, and earn extra interest up to HKD 4,5001
  • 1500 times the market rate3 for the savings in Core Account, assuming the other banks are offering 0.001% interest rate without any promotions
  • Deposit money into your WeLab Bank account 24/7 with FPS
Experience the power of GoWealth and earn HKD 300

Backed by WeLab Bank's fintech experience and AllianzGI's4 investment management expertise, GoWealth is a wealth management product that guides you to your financial goals on autopilot once you’ve entered your investment goals!

Tesla customers: Get HKD 300 Seed Money2 in 3 steps

1. Apply and draw down WeLab Bank Personal Loan with referral code “TWFREE
2. Activate GoWealth investment account
3. During the Promotion Period, make an investment worth at least HKD 1,000

Investment involves risk.

Apply for the loan with referral code “TWFREE” now!

Download our app and apply for the loan with referral code “TWFREE” to enjoy fixed APR at 0%* and exclusive rewards!

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