HK’s first mind-blowing Referral Campaign💥

Refer friends to successfully open an account for HKD 100 cash reward*, you can even earn HKD 50* more when your Direct Referee refers others. Up to HKD 5,000 referral rewards* are waiting for you! ​Open a WeLab Bank account in as fast as 5 minutes**! Then you can enjoy our card spending rebate, high deposit rate and loan with low APR! ​​

>> Refer your friends now for each HKD 100 cash reward*! <<


*Visit Terms and Conditions for WeLab Bank R-Friend Referral Campaign

**Actual time may vary depending on factors such as your environment, connectivity and mobile phone.

📢WeLab Bank customers only!!

From now until November 30, 2021, WeLab Bank customers who successfully refer new customers to open a WeLab Bank account with their unique referral code will earn HKD 100 direct referral reward! Your friend will also enjoy 100% spending rebate# capped at HKD 100 in the first 30 days.

🤑 HK’s first mind-blowing 💥referral game! 🤑

Win up to HKD 5,000 reward* just by referring friends who then refer their own friends! When your direct referee refers other friends to join, you'll each earn HKD 50 as a 2nd degree friend reward* 💁🏻‍♂️

Both your direct referees and 2nd degree friends can participate in this referral program! Happy referring 💞 !

Earn rewards even when your friend’s friend refers others

Win rewards just by referring friends who then refer their own friends! Let them do the heavy lifting 🏋️‍♂️ With each referral, not only do you earn HKD 100*(Layer 1) instantly, but each time your friend makes a successful referral (Layer 2), you can also earn HKD 50*. Better yet - even when your friend’s friend refers more people, you still earn HKD 50* each time. The stronger your friend circle, the easier you can earn the reward from your 3 layers of friends.

Start winning now!

What are you waiting for? Recruit your friends before they get recruited by others! The earlier you share your code with your friends, the easier it is for you to expand your friend circle. Then, you just let them do the work while you chillax and earn up to HKD 5,000 in rewards*!

A total value of HKD 270,000 spending rebate^ lucky draw🎁

After you successfully refer a friend OR enter your friends’ referral code to successfully open an account, you can also follow the instructions in announcement post on our Instagram/Facebook (WeLab Bank) to join the weekly lucky draw for HKD 5,000 spending rebate^. What’s more? A grand prize draw will be hosted in Sep, 2021 and you have a chance to win HKD 100,000 spending rebate^! The earlier you act, the higher chance to win!

How to join R Friends Referral Campaign?
Step 1

Log in to WeLab Bank app, click the icon at the top right to get started!

Step 2

Share your referral code (FPxxxx) with your friends! Earn HKD 100* each time someone successfully opens an account with your referral code. Your friend, who is considered your direct referee, enjoys 100% spending rebate# capped at HKD 100 in the first 30 days.

Step 3

Earn HKD 50 2nd degree friend reward* each time someone successfully opens an account with your friend’s referral code; that’s your 2nd degree friend! That’s right, your friends refer, you just chillax and watch your referral rewards come in!

Using your friends' referral code to get HKD 100 spending rebate!

Download our app and use your friends' referral code to successfully open an account to enjoy 100% spending rebate# capped at HKD 100 in the first 30 days.