GoWealth “R-Friend Referral” Program

From now until 31 October 20221,2,3, each of your friend can enjoy HKD 800 cash rebate when you refer them to open a WeLab Bank account and an investment account using your unique referral code and make an investment with GoWealth2! Your can enjoy HKD 300 investment rebate as the referrer*1. Top 3 referrers with most successful referrals can earn extra HKD 10,000 investment rebate*3!


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This webpage is for information only and does not constitute any investment advice. Investment involves risks, please refer to the Disclaimers herein for details. The screen displays and the images of the website are for illustrative purpose only.

How to refer your friends?
Step 1

Open WeLab Bank App, go to “Referral” page, and share your unique referral code to your friends.

Step 2

Referee simply needs to download WeLab Bank App, and enter your referral code when opening an account.

Step 3

Once the referee has logged in to GoWealth page in WeLab Bank App and successfully received full amount of Seed Money under this program, he/she can earn the cash rebate2 and you can earn HKD 300 investment rebate*1 for this successful referral!

3 Main advantages of GoWealth
  • Open GoWealth investment account in as fast as 2 minutes^
  • Personalized Investment Portfolio, codeveloped by WeLab Bank & AllianzGI, investing into top global funds
  • Our smart alerts will help you to stay on track with the market  anytime, anywhere4
Limited-Time Offer: HKD 800 for every successful loan referral**

During Campaign Period, you can get HKD 800** for each successful referral when a friend applies for WeLab Bank Personal Loan with successful drawdown. The more successful referrals you make, the more you earn!

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