GoWealth Digital Wealth Advisory 2nd Anniversary Promotion

WeLab has launched its fund portfolio investment service “GoWealth Digital Wealth Advisory” for about 2 years. From 09:30 17 May until 15:00 28 June 2024, new and existing customers who subscribe to GoWealth Digital Wealth Advisory fund portfolio, regardless of one-time or monthly investment, will be exempted from the 1.5% subscription fee*! 0 platform fee and 0 lock-up period when you invest GoWealth Digital Wealth Advisory!


👉Why choose "GoWealth Digital Wealth Advisory"?

✅Diversified investment and resilience, GoWealth Equity Portfolio Index has reached its historical high as 20.4% since launch** 📈

✅Ground-breaking market projection, advanced engine and algorithm provide detailed simulations. Stay on track with smart alerts^🌐

✅Brand new investment persona feature to help you start your investment plan in one minute💻

* From 09:30 17 May 2024 to 15:00 28 Jun 2024, new and existing customers will be entitled to enjoy 0% Subscription Fee rate for the GoWealth Digital Wealth Advisory Services. Terms and conditions apply. Please visit terms and conditions of the promotion. Please visit.

**Highest record refers to figures as of 31 May 2024, the returns of the GoWealth Bond Portfolio Index, Mixed Asset Portfolio Index and Equity Portfolio Index since their launch on June 30, 2022 were 6.1%, 19.9% and 20.4% respectively which where historical high records achieved since launch as compared with their respective historical performance. The returns for recent 1 year were 3.8%, 12.3% and 14.5% respectively The Bank formulates GoWealth Investment Portfolio Index for bond portfolios, mixed asset portfolios, and equity portfolios respectively, aiming at illustrating the performance of the investment portfolios of GoWealth since launch. The Index is provided for reference only and does not constitute any offer, solicitation, recommendation, comment or any guarantee to the purchase or sale of any investment products or services. Investment involves risks. Past performance is not indicative or guarantee of future results. You should not regard the index as a prediction or guarantee of future performance.

For details of the index, including its calculation method, source of information and purposes, please refer to the relevant report.

^The algorithm in the GoWealth Digital Wealth Advisory Services relies on the portfolio simulation database containing 12,000 simulation paths for the model portfolios projected over the next 50 years (i.e. 600 months), which reflects our capital market forecast on various asset classes and the model portfolios in terms of risk, return and correlations. Such information and simulations are assumptions only. They do not reflect or project actual investment performance of the model portfolio or performance of any constituent funds therein. The recommendation is not a guarantee that you will achieve your goal. This service is not a discretionary asset management service.

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