GoSave - Enjoy up to 2.8% p.a.!

No matter how much you deposit, you can enjoy our interest rate of 2.8% p.a.* and zero withdrawal fees! Earning interest is that easy!


*Based on 6 month HKD time deposit rate on 19 September 2022. Deposit rates may vary based on market conditions.

*See GoSave time deposit Terms and Conditions for details

Amazing rates for all

Deposit anywhere from HKD 10 to a maximum of HKD 500,000 per person per GoSave Time Deposit. Always enjoy the same great rate as everyone in your group!

Withdraw anytime

We understand things can change over time. After your GoSave Time Deposit starts, withdraw up to two times with NO charges*.

* See GoSave time deposit Terms and Conditions for details.

GoSave perks!
GoSaveTraditional time deposit
What determines your interest rate?More joiners = higher rates for all!Deposit more = higher rates for you
Join anytime you want?Sure! 7 x 24 x 365During business hours
Partial withdrawal?
Withdrawal penalty*Min HKD 200

* Please refer to the GoSave time deposit Terms and Conditions.

More joiners = higher rates for all!

GoSave Time Deposit's interest rate is determined by the number of joiners in each group. The more people who join, the higher the interest rate for all. Feeling a bit lonely? Don't worry, any WeLab Bank customers can join your group!


No. of joiners% p.a.*HKD 200,000 deposit will get you^
1-92.30%HKD 202,281.10
10-192.40%HKD 202,380.27
20-292.60%HKD 202,578.63
30 2.80% HKD 202,776.99

* The above interest rates are examples only and are calculated based on 365 days and 181-day GoSave Time Deposit. The interest rate is subject to change due to prevailing market conditions.
^ The amount shown is principal plus interest.

How to join GoSave?
Step 1

There's a waiting period before your GoSave Time Deposit starts. HKD 10 is all you need to get started with great rates.

Step 2

Like what you see? You can deposit more during the waiting period. Change your mind? Withdraw if you need to, as long as you keep at least HKD 10 in your GoSave Time Deposit.

Step 3

Your GoSave Time Deposit will start when the group is full, or the waiting period is over*. Your interest rate can go up, depending on the final number of people in your group. Invite your friends to get our highest rate!

* Please refer to GoSave time deposit Terms and Conditions.

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